Version 2.8.2 of MONARC has been released with several improvements.


  • the MONARC core objects (assets, threats, vulnerabilities and risks) are now identified with UUIDs. We published the objects on the MONARC objects sharing platform. Risks from the CASES models are also available;
  • Assets, threats, vulnerabilities, risks and referentials can be imported in the knowledge base of your analysis from MOSP without leaving the MONARC user interface.

Import a risk from MOSP Example with the risk object 7f9f704b-4f02-11e9-b3ea-0800277f0571.


  • Adding referential afterwards does not update the knowledge base #156.


  • Import analysis in 2.8.1, exported from 2.7.2, gives errors #152;
  • Edit label of added Referentials does not work #153;
  • Problem generating deliverable #157;
  • Categories are duplicated in import #158;
  • Getting prob & impacts on operational risks #161.


To update, check out our update instructions.

You can also download the new virtual machine here.