Version 2.11.1 includes a new feature and various bug-fixes.


  • Add import of referential mapping from MOSP (#391).


  • Subsuming CIA criteria according to the maximum criteria does not work (#339).
  • Incorrect sum and list of risks under the secondary assets (#367).
  • If impact adjustments are made not only at the level of the primary assets but also at the level of the secondary assets, these assets are listed more than once (#387).
  • Recommendation status change error in the Knowledge Base (#393).
  • Import issue of setting operational risks values (#394).
  • Fix possible circular iteration of the instance root -> parent -> child rendering (#395).
  • Mathematical representation of large numbers in the dashboard (#398).


To update, please follow the guide.

If you would like to use the new statistics feature then StatsService has to be setup as well. The documentation, architecture and installation instructions of Stats Service can be found here.

More details and notes are available on GitHub.

The VirtualBox demo image

Download the OVA image of this release here.