Version 2.9.8 of MONARC has been released with several fixes.

This release as well as previous releases since 2.9.0 contain(s) important fixes:

  • preventing losing recommendations during assets removal from your analysis;
  • library categories management fixes;
  • global objects operations fixes (impact propagation, existing controls field modification);
  • snapshots creation without comment;
  • other fixes and improvements.

We would recommend you to upgrade to the version to avoid those issues.

If your current version is lower then 2.9.1, please don’t forget to follow the upgrade instructions: 2.9.1 release notes.


  • Library categories management issues (#221);
  • Library -> global asset -> delete asset (#229);
  • Library -> asset -> Asset used in the risks analysis (#218).


To update, check out our update instructions. If you are coming from MONARC 2.9.0 please read this.

You can also download the new virtual machine here.