Version 2.9.11 of MONARC has been released with several fixes and a new feature.


  • added users creation command (PR 27);
  • backend has been migrated from Zend Framework to Laminas (#249).


  • The description area of the shelf life is too fair at the character level (#252);
  • In the description of destinations area; info is not kept after registration (#253);
  • [GDPR module] Issue when creating a new recipient with default values (#254);
  • Get the list controls in BO (#256);
  • fix: improved performance when drag and dropping assets (ff473d9).


To update, please follow the instructions guide. update instructions.

If you are coming from MONARC 2.9.0 please read this.

The new version comes with the php framework upgrade. We changed usage of “Zend Framework 3” to “Laminas”, which is a new official repository of the framework. As Zend Framework will not longer be maintained, we had to make the transition as soon as possible. We also recommend to perform the update for you.

To be able to install the Laminas framework, it is mandatory to have “composer” (php dependency manager) version on your server >= 1.9.0.
We added the version validation in the script, which will show you a warning message with instructions in case if your “composer” version is outdated.

Please, contact us in case if you have any issues during the update process.

You can also download the new virtual machine here.