Version 2.10.2 of MONARC has been released with several fixes and a new feature.


  • Export an asset (#325).
  • Snapshot restore (#326).
  • Multiple login sessions per user (#333).


  • Enable or disable the statistics sharing per analyse (#329).

Global Dashboard is now available in the Virtual Machine image. The details are on the GitHub Release v2.10.2 page.

Preview of the new MONARC Global dashboard and the current Cybersecurity Landscape with data from the Stats Service


To update, please follow the guide.

If you are coming from MONARC 2.9.0 please read this.

If you would like to use the new statistics feature then StatsService has to be setup as well. The documentation, architecture and installation instructions of Stats Service can be found here.

You can also download the new virtual machine here.

MONARC is in your language

You can now help us to make MONARC available in your language via our platform powered by Weblate.