Version 2.10.3 Includes bug-fixes, new features and an enhancement.


  • Implement the UI language management (#318)
  • Implementation of the library objects import and assets export from/to MOSP (#320)
  • Possibility to export items from the Knowledge Base (#321)
  • Send MONARC version to Stats Service (#341)


  • [Front Office] export of measure related to “amvs” stoped working since v2.10.1 (#340)


  • Improve the import speed of analyses and instances (partially done). (#248)


To update, please follow the guide.

If you are coming from MONARC 2.9.0 please read this.

If you would like to use the new statistics feature then StatsService has to be setup as well. The documentation, architecture and installation instructions of Stats Service can be found here.

You can also download the new virtual machine here.

MONARC is in your language

You can now help us to make MONARC available in your language via our platform powered by Weblate.

The VirtualBox demo image

Download the OVA image of this release here. Technical details about the VM:

Login and Password for MONARC App (format: username:password):
  MONARC application: admin@admin.localhost:admin

Login and Password for VirtualBox demo image (format: username:password):
  SSH login (Ubuntu credentials): monarc:password

  Mysql root login: root:b997112f3b4fe0e0ef8375c6098f3d097f0d19236b29892b027343520b22f010
  Mysql MONARC login: sqlmonarcuser:54eb0efdb412629ae19fda69585ec1f99aa7ac8af97adc01fdfc2c6968a86986

Image integrity check:
  sha512sum: 53037ac574fc9a5092c18dc98a00dacb061e6d0d48abdc3ca75f4d16eb0c137a348cf39f424b287da6b93a1b3c8450d89efffcf4d5553d2e08bff275102995c1
  sha1sum: 32c6999063c26da23e769f94b2166a0eeda24eac

MONARC is available on port 80.

MONARC Stats Service is available on port 5005.