Version 2.10.4 includes bug-fixes.


  • Foreign Key Error by when deactivating information security risks. (#358)
  • Dashboard cartography error for risk lists. (#359)
  • [FrontOffice] Snapshots creation error. (#362)


To update, please follow the guide.

If you are coming from MONARC 2.9.0 please read this.

If you would like to use the new statistics feature then StatsService has to be setup as well. The documentation, architecture and installation instructions of Stats Service can be found here.

More details and notes are available on GitHub.

MONARC is in your language

You can now help us to make MONARC available in your language via our platform powered by Weblate.

The VirtualBox demo image

Download the OVA image of this release here. Technical details about the VM:

Login and Password for MONARC App (format: username:password):
  MONARC application: admin@admin.localhost:admin

Login and Password for VirtualBox demo image (format: username:password):
  SSH login (Ubuntu credentials): monarc:password

  Mysql root login: root:bc17550830486f893127ba8efd4acacc880754cbedddd01a00819b395c53a3fa
  Mysql MONARC login: sqlmonarcuser:2043e9a647bd2a76ac7466c7afc3b86958a6780f933eb05a545294932bb8a1fb

Image integrity check:
  sha512sum: 80ecf52111c795c879fcb299cfed155fc83c052317f09e6396ef438f9ce85490ec918b66418e38846fe59bbfca415a7ba053d410ac431a0eb87c48634a2a9b5b
  sha1sum: ef35b819f37e3931e06e9d33124159779222988b

MONARC is available on port 80.

MONARC Stats Service is available on port 5005.